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本局榮獲102年度交通部部屬各機關績效考評整體第2名 BOHSR Ranks Second in MOTC's 2013 Performance Review


To enhance the quality of service and improve the performance of first level subsidiary government agencies, MOTC established the Annual Achievement Evaluation System.
Reviewed items of The 2013 Annual Achievement Evaluation for First Level Subsidiary Agency include first, 70% of Project Conducting Achievements; second, 15% of Government Documents Processing and third, 15% of Human Resource Performance. Based on the three targets and additionally the degree of difficulty of project execution for each department, MOTC can evaluate the overall rank for each first level subsidiary government department. Moreover, according to the department rank, they can decide the percentage of employees that could be rated as A for the end-of-the-year performance review.
There were a total of 10 departments that participated in this year's evaluation. With keen competition, our department won second place for the overall evaluation under Acting Director General Hu's outstanding leadership and our employees' hard work throughout the year. We were third place in Project Conducting, second in Government Documents Processing and third in Human Resource Performance, respectively.
December 24th 2013, in MOTC Affairs Meeting No. 1570, Minister Yeh from MOTC awarded Acting Director General Hu with a medal to commend his good leadership and anticipated the BOHSR workforce to keep up the good work and continue to progress with efficiency.

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