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行政院公共工程委員會許主任委員俊逸訪查機場捷運推動現況 Executive Yuan Public Construction Commission Chairman Chun-Yi Hsu Inspected the TIAA MRT Project concerning its Current Status


Executive Yuan Public Construction Commission Chairman Chun-Yi Hsu has been taking notice on the progress of TIAA MRT Project since he has taken office of this position. Chairman Hsu led Commission members including Department of Construction Management Director Yu-Hsing Ho and Department of Planning Deputy Director Yu-Chia Chen to Chingpu Depot Operational Control Center and Taipei Main Station (A1) construction site for a visit and be briefed on the project by BOHSR. Project authorities including Department of Railways and Highways Director Chi-Kuo Lin, BOHSR Acting Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu, DORTS Deputy Director Shih-Chih Fu, Taoyuan County Government Consultant Wei-Fung Lee and Taoyuan Metro Corporation Acting General Manager Tzu-Wei Cheng accompanied the Public Construction Commission party on the visit.
The tour started at Operational Control Center of Chingpu Depot for the briefing on project execution status by BOHSR Division Deputy Director Le-Chun Tsao. Chairman Hsu then rode the EMU on testing rail to experience the actual testing process.
The party then made a second stop at Taipei Main Station (A1) construction site. BOHSR staff led them to the concourse floor on B2 and interpreted on construction status, spatial distribution of in-town check-in system and baggage handling areas. Then, they went on to B3 for interpretation on current construction status of the platform constructions.
The last stop of the visit was made at the conference room of CA441H Tender Branch, DORTS for discussion and conclusion. It is not hard to see that Chairman Hsu attached great importance to this project. Although there is still the need to step up some testing operations, Chairman Hsu still anticipated participating units to break through the bottleneck and be sure to achieve the target of full line operation by the end of 2015.

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