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軌道運輸系統重大危安事件之因應策略研討會紀實 Summary of "Response Strategies against Rail Transport System Security Seminar"


Regarding the random killing incident on May 21, 2014 on the Taipei Metro that caused 24 injuries and 4 unfortunate deaths, the safety management of rail transportation has raised to a major hazardous safety level. To enhance rail transport safety measures, Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and MOTC held a seminar concerning "Response Strategies for Rail Transport Security" together. The seminar was launched on Jun. 19, 2014 in the BOHSR with around 100 participants. The event was hosted by Political Deputy Minister of MOI Chun-Ching Chen and Administrative Deputy Minister of MOTC Chih-Ku Fan.
Speakers of this seminar included Prof. Hsien-Wen Chien from Central Police University who gave a talk on "Disaster Prevention and Management in Railway Stations", Dr. Yu-Hao Chen from Deutsche Bahn AG who lectured on "Response Strategy to Rail System Incidents - An Example from Germany" and Prof. Ming-Yen Tsai from National Chung Hsing University who shared experience and examples from Singapore, France, Japan and America in the speech on "Investigation on Anti-terrorism and Emergency Measures of Urban Mass Transit Systems". In addition, Railway Police Bureau, THSRC, Taipei Metro, TRA and Railways Supervision Task Force of MOTC were also invited to share previous experiences on hazardous incidents and relative response measures.
In the afternoon, the hosts went on to General Discussion where the participants enthusiastically discussed many subjects inclusive of safety department personnel, coverage of safety facilities, SOP development, and safety caution promotion. All anticipated the successful development of intelligent monitoring system to advance national supervision efficiency. The seminar united Taiwan's rail authorities and corporations on safety measure consensus which is beneficial to future development on response strategy to hazardous contingencies and can also act as reference for future government policies.

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