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鐵路法部分條文修正案經總統明令公布,強化鐵路安全監督 Partial Amendment of Railway Law was proclaimed by the President to Enhance Rail Supervision and Safety


For the purpose of enhancing rail safety and passenger benefits in HSR, Taiwan Railways and Alishan Forest Railway operation, MOTC proposed the amendment of Railway Law to Executive Yuan. It then was submitted to Legislation Yuan for deliberation on Feb 20, 2012. Subsequent to the passing of the third reading in Legislative Yuan, the Amendment of Railway Law was proclaimed for implementation by the President on Jun.18, 2014.
The Amendment included revision of 41 clauses which made it the biggest amendment over the years. Major amended points are listed as follows:
1.Safety Supervision Enhancement: An additional clause on operational accident and abnormal incident regulated that railway organizations should not only investigate on accident & incident causes and take preventive and improvement measures but should also submit safety management reports to MOTC annually. For major operational accidents, an additional clause regulates MOTC to hire experts to investigate on cause and course of events and railway organizations should coordinate accordingly.
2.Ensure of Clear Railway Path: An additional regulation indicating that building permit ban on railway sides, inspection on restricted building construction area, reference for rezone/abolishment and regulations on construction behavior within restricted building area should be truly carried out.
3.Passenger Benefits Protection: Compensation clause is added indicating railway authorities are obliged to compensate for shipping delay based on compensation standard. When passenger encounters greater loss, compensation can be requested per other laws.
4.Penalty Addition and Revision: First, penalty and responsibility for violation of Railway Law clauses is officially set. Second, MOTC is authorized to repeal the driver's license for major operational accidents caused either intentionally or unintentionally. Third, penalty is set to those who jeopardize rail safety. Last, for those who gain improper benefits by scalping tickets, they will be fined according to number of tickets sold.

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