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2014民間參與公共建設商機座談會(臺中場) 2014 Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects – New Opportunities for Venture Investment Forum – Taichung Area

為配合行政院「經濟動能推升方案」,積極引進民間資金投入公共建設,財政部推動促參司於103年5月15日邀請相關業界(者)與臺中市政府、交通部共同召開2014民間參與公共建設「促參商機座談會-臺中地區」,以面對面座談方式, 藉由意見交換溝通,吸引開發商參與投資。

In coordination with the "Economic Power-Up Plan" bought out by Executive Yuan to actively induce private investment into public infrastructures, Promotion of Private Participation, Ministry of Finance held a "Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects– New Opportunities for Investment Ventures Promotion Forum-Taichung Area" on May 15 2014. Participants of this event included private companies, Taichung City Government and MOTC. The purpose of this forum is to induce private developers to make business investments in public infrastructures via direct interaction and idea exchange in this event.
Authorities that participated in this sitting briefed on the investment projects for the reference of participating companies. For Taichung City Government (TCG) projects, there were Taichung Gateway District Project, Operation &Transfer (OT) Project in Gaomei Wetland Tourist Information Center & Experience hall, OT Project in City Historic Site-Chai Hsing Hills, OT Project in English & Art Museum,Building & Operation Investment Project in Taichung Harbor Special Zone for Port Industry Development. As for BOHSR, investment projects included "Lot No.101 and 108, New HSR Section of HSR Taichung Station Commercial/Manufacturing Park" and "Lot No.89, 90 and 96, New HSR Section Development Project of Commercial Districts".
The Commercial/Manufacturing Park and Commercial District projects possess the advantage of great geometrical locations where railway and highway networks intersects. The districts are suitable for corporation offices, business conference and training centers, wedding plazas, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, logistics centers, etc. and BOHSR plans to attract rental or superficies investment.
On-site inspections were also arranged in the Forum in hope of increasing investment success rate via company interactions. The inspection results would also be valuable reference for TCG and MOTC's future planning and investment strategy to approach market demands and result in higher investment success rate.

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