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高鐵新增三站工程品保查驗作業 Quality Assurance Inspection on Three Additional HSR Station Constructions


The construction of 3 additional HSR stations (Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin) have already began since 2013 Jan. For continuous supervision and examination on HSR construction quality and to ensure that the quality assurance (QA) processes are actually carried out, BOHSR conducted "The 17th Quality Assurance Inspection of HSR Construction" from May 22 2014 to Jun 19 2014. The inspection contents were based on clause 7.6.3 of "Taiwan HSR Construction and Operation Contract" and took place at THSRC headquarters, RE Offices of the additional stations (Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin) and Nangkang Station.
The concept of this QA inspection is to examine the construction of 3 additional stops and its core E&M systems with reference from former QA results. Addition contents included review of previous unfinished inspection cases and improvement matters, evaluation and questioning of HSR pier structural safety assurance measures and the public security of each tender. On-site inspections of each station construction were also executed.
Upon completion of the QA inspection, station tenders and E&M tenders all established QA organizations to carry out future QA matters. The overall construction progress is also conformed to project schedule.

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