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高鐵增設三站及南港軌道機電工程環評查核執行報導 Implementation Report on the Environmental Evaluation of the 3 Additional HSR Stations and the Core E&M System Installation of Nangkang Route Facilities


The 2014 environmental impact assessment (EIA) evaluation for HSR Miaoli, Changhua, Yunlin Station constructions and the Core E&M System Installation of Nangkang route facilities are carried out by BOHSR. According to EIA evaluation commitment, BOHSR should conduct two evaluations on each tender in respectively the first and second half of the year. The first evaluation has already been completed on May 23 2014 and results were positive. Most construction tender took notice of environmental regulations and have balanced construction progress with environmental actions well. Only few tender sections did not fulfill the environmental regulations which can improve within a regulated time frame and will be included as inspection focal points in the second evaluation. The 2014 second evaluation is scheduled to launch on Oct.2 and one of the emphasis will be on green building implementation.

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