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ISO 9001授證典禮 The ISO 9001 Charter Ceremony

本局及所屬捷運工程處已於103年6月10日通過ISO 9001品質管理系統驗證,並於103年7月28日舉辦「ISO 9001授證典禮」。本次授證典禮除邀請交通部范次長植谷擔任授證見證人,並邀請交通部鐵路改建工程局、台灣高鐵公司及與機場捷運計畫有關之顧問公司、施工廠商蒞臨觀禮。
授證典禮由香港商漢德技術監督服務亞太有限公司臺灣分公司(TUV NORD)葉總經理政治頒發證書,本局胡代理局長湘麟代表接受證書,在范次長植谷見證下完成授證儀式。
范次長於致詞時表示,ISO 9001認證可提升工作效率與能力,為交通建設帶來正面的效益,完成認證只是開始,期勉全體同仁在胡代理局長領導下,能夠逐步落實,將服務品質帶到更高境界。同時高速鐵路工程局與鐵路改建工程局都已經完成ISO 9001認證,未來兩局整併,可以在共同語言與標準下無縫接軌。
本局胡代理局長除感謝次長的勉勵及與會貴賓參與見證外,並說明高鐵局訂定品質政策:「卓越、創新、安全、環保」,未來高鐵局將持續遵照ISO 9001的標準,透過管理審查的方式,將顧客滿意度調查、內部稽核結果、流程執行的績效、執行過程資料、不合格品管制之結果等各項資料予以統計分析,俾了解品質管理系統應改善之處,並持續改善,以高效率高品質,完成國家交付之任務。

On Jun. 10, 2014, BOHSR and MRT Engineering Office of BOHSR passed the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Verification and the "ISO 9001 Charter Ceremony" took place on Jul. 28. Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan was invited to the Ceremony as a witness and RRB, THSRC, TIAA MRT Project consultant companies and contractors also attended this event.
In the Ceremony, General Manager Cheng-Chih Yeh of TUV NORD awarded the certificate to BOHSR representative Acting Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu and the Ceremony was completed under the witness of Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan.
In Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan's speech, he indicated that the verification of ISO 9001 brought serious enhancement in HSR operation efficiency and capability, which shall bring positive impact toward Taiwan transportation infrastructures. Also, he anticipated that this verification should be just a start and all associates should enforce the system under Acting Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu's command and bring the service quality of HSR to a higher level. Now that BOHSR and RRB have both acquired the ISO 9001 Qualification which brings them to operate under the same standard, seamless cooperation shall be expected when future integration of the two authorities is performed.
Acting Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu showed gratitude toward Deputy Minister's words of blessings and also to all participating guests. Then, he stated that the BOHSR Quality Management Motto, "Excelsior, Creativity, Safety and Environmental Friendly", will continue to be carried out under the ISO 9001 Standard. Via management and evaluation mechanisms, numerous data such as customer surveys, internal audit results, procedure implementation efficiency, execution process information and unqualified product management results will be thoroughly calculated and analyzed to bring out appropriate improvement measures. BOHSR will also provide necessary resources to continually improve the overall system to enhance operational efficiency and quality to ultimately achieve a national mission.

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