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台灣高鐵公司「高鐵車上危險物品聯合演練」現場紀實 On Site Record for "Response to Dangerous Objects on a HSR Coach Practice" Conducted by THSRC

台灣高鐵公司依據「高鐵整體防救災應變計畫」及該公司相關規章,在交通部及本局督導下,每年均辦理兩次以上年度大型演練;本次演練重點為:一、通報相關政府機關並協同執行各項應變作業;二、行駛中的列車於站間發生危險品事件時,如何進行旅客疏散救援及安排正線列車調度;三、針對臺北捷運隨機殺人事件,將「可疑物件之辨識」、「設置安全警戒」等程序納入演練科目。整體演練流程主要為:1. 事故察覺與通報、2. 受理確認、3. 通報派遣、4. 人員避難及緊急動員、5. 救災單位初步應變、6. 事故處置與傷患救助、7. 善後復原。

The topic for the 2014 THSRC annual major drill was "Response to Dangerous Objects on a HSR Coach Practice" and was carried out on Jun. 28 before dawn at Taipei Station and Banqiao Station. The Practice scenario was set as encountering two unknown cans filled with liquid with emission of pungent chartreuse smoke in a HSR coach during the ride from Banqiao Station to Taipei Station. The Train Master rushed to the site and informed the operational control center immediately of the incident. Then, Emergency Incident Mechanisms were activated in which operational staff executed platform emergency evacuation and notified external assistance units to provide assistance in Taipei Station. In this two-hour practice, the 300 participants including 191 THSRC employees and 109 external assistance unit participants from Taipei City Police Department (TCPD), Taipei City Fire Department (TFD), Northern Environmental Emergency Response Team (NEERT), Railway Police Bureau, TRA, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation and BOHSR participated vigorously.
In accordance with "HSR Integrated Emergency Prevention and Management Plan" and relevant regulations, THSRC is obliged to implement two or more large-scale practices/drills annually under the surveillance of MOTC and BOHSR. Key points of this Practice include: 1. Report to government authorities and coordinate emergency response procedures. 2. When encountering hazardous incidents between stations, passenger evacuation and main line train dispatch should be properly arranged. 3. Regarding the "Random Killing Incident" that happened on Taipei Metro Blue Line, "Suspicious Object Acknowledgement" and "Safety Warning Installation" were included in the Practice. The procedure of this Practice included (in order): incident acknowledgement and report, incident confirmation, emergency assistance dispatch, emergency evacuation & personnel mobilization, evacuation unit response, accident management & injury assistance and recovery & restoration.
The Practice is also a review and feedback towards "HSR Integrated Emergency Prevention and Management Plan" to raise its efficiency and integrate the overall emergency response mechanism. In hope of multiple unit integration and elevation of united disaster prevention and management ability, THSRC employees as well as all external assistance units cooperated seamlessly and reached successful completion of this Practice.

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