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高鐵計畫營運期第八次財務查核紀實 The 8th Financial Audit of HSR Project Operation Phase


On behalf of MOTC, BOHSR executed the annual "Financial Audit of HSR Project Operation Phase" under regulations including "Railway Law", "The Statute for Encouragement of Private Participation in Transportation Infrastructure", "Regulations Governing Supervision of Local, Private, and Exclusive Railways", "Regulation for Railway Ancillary Business", "Taiwan North-South High Speed Rail Station Zone Construction and Operation Agreement" and "Taiwan North-South High Speed Rail Station Zone Development Agreement".
"The 8th Financial Audit of HSR Project Operation Phase" was held from Jun. 4 to Jun. 16, 2014 in THSRC. Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung led relevant associates, finance (including accountants) and legal consultants from BOHSR to attend the audit. The onsite inspection included in this audit took place at HSR Yunlin and Changhua Station on Jun. 12. In this audit, documents within the time frame from Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2013 were evaluated and the inspection items are as follows:
1. Project Financial Audit
a. Financial percentage errors and the overall financial improvement status
b. Preferred stock litigation situation
c. Operational costs
d. Capital expenditure execution progress and payment situations
2. General Financial Audit
a. Financial statements audit
b. Company integrity and other general issues
The audit was completed on Jun 16. After passing of the Auditing Team Meeting and submitted to MOTC for verification, THSRC shall implement the listed improvement measures and suggestions accordingly.

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