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本局辦理紅火蟻防治工作執行報導 BOHSR Execution Report on the


Execution of the RIFA Control Project that was carried out by BOHSR from 2014 January to July included two major operations: the situation of the TIAA MRT RIFA-monitored areas and the onsite inspection of RIFA scenes. The former operation is inclusive of 3 monitored areas: TIAA MRT construction tenders CE03B, CE01C and CE01B. BOHSR has instructed the MRT Engineering Office in conjunction with the contractor to immediately implement relevant prevention and treatment. The subsequent process will be based on "RIFA Standard Operation Procedures" in hope of lifting the monitored cases.
The implementation of onsite inspection of RIFA scenes was scheduled to start on Apr. 10, 2014 and be finished on Jul. 11 which included examination of HSR Tainan Station District, HSR Taichung Station, HSR Hsinchu Station District, HSR Liuchia Depot, HSR Chiayi Station and Station District, HSR Taibao Depot and HSR Taoyuan Station District. Results showed that no traces of RIFA were found in all inspected areas. On the other hand, partial TIAA MRT Project inspections were included in the Environmental Audit of 2014 first half which took place from Apr. 18 to May 16.

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