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機場捷運工程施工紀錄片後製作業簡介 Introduction to the Postproduction of the TIAA MRT Construction Documentaries

1. 腳本撰寫:針對專輯性質,由承辦單位起草腳本,經召集相關部門主管進行2至3回合審查,始能定稿。
2. 配音:遴選聲音清亮之同仁進行配音,配音地點則挑選隔音效果絕佳之空間。
3. 音訊剪輯:配音所得音訊,需以軟體進行音訊後製及剪輯,包括去除雜訊、調整音訊節奏、音量等。
4. 影片剪輯:運用影片剪輯軟體,先將配音逐一置入音訊時間軸。
5. 再依時間軸之音訊內容,剪輯適當影片置入影片時間軸,並作適當之調整。
6. 每段影片以不超過5秒為原則,若有必要,可對影片做適當之編輯或調整色調及透明度等。
7. 動畫製作:配合專輯性質與需求,製作適當之動畫。
8. 配樂:選擇授權及適當音樂,作為專輯之背景音樂。
9. 光碟封面美工完稿及製作:運用美工軟體設計光碟封面,利用辦公室印表機列印後粘貼於光碟片。

Construction work can only march forward towards completion and cannot go backwards. If there were no one to take photos or videos during the construction period, there will be no more opportunity to record the process. Therefore, to record the construction work and materials periodically and occasionally using existing photographic equipment, computers and software resources; and to categorize, select, save and edit the photographic records timely can generate a relatively complete record of the construction process. This way, it is more possible to edit diverse clips and albums in coordination with superiors' demands or use in construction promotion.
The postproduction of the TIAA MRT Construction Album includes script writing, dubbing, music, film editing and animation production. Execution methods are roughly as follows:
1.Script writing: the organizer should propose the primary draft focusing on the album subject and submit for the Leading Cadre's approval. Next, with 2 – 3 rounds of evaluation by relevant department directors, the script can then be finalized.
2.Dubbing/Narrating: employees with clear and sonorous voices are selected to narrate the film and the narration is recorded in the soundproof archive room in MRT Engineering Office.
3.Audio editing: the audio files recorded from the dubbing needs to be post-edited including removing background noise, adjusting voice tempo and volume, etc.
4.Film editing: using film-making software to insert the audio files into the audio timeline.
5.Based on the dubbed/narrated contents, insert appropriate clips into the video timeline. Proper adjustments should be made.
6.Each clip should last shorter than 5 seconds and proper editing and color adjustments can be made to the clips.
7.Animation production: create animations in coordination with the album subject and features.
8.Soundtrack: choose suitable and authorized music as the album's background music.
9.Album cover production: use designing software to design album cover, print it out and attach the cover to the album disc.
Up until now, there are already 7 TIAA MRT construction documentaries produced by the MRT Engineering Office. Ever since the production of the documentaries was made by the MRT Engineering Office, millions of government expenses were saved. Moreover, the most valuable outcome was that a group of photographic experts were cultivated during the process.

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