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103年7月本局大事紀要 Major Events in July 2014

BOHSR submitted the "TIAA MRT Project Taoyuan Airport to Shanchong Station Section Construction 6th Environmental Impact Differential Analysis and Taoyuan Metro Area MRT System Plan 3rd Environmental Impact Differential Analysis Report" and was approved by EPA, Executive Yuan and filed for future reference.

Public Construction Commission Chairman Chun-Yi Hsu inspected the TIAA MRT Project. Inspection stops included Operational Control Center of Chingpu Depot, signal tests on the testing rail and the in-town check-in system, baggage handling areas and platform door installation sites at Taipei Main Station D1 Section. The Chairman listened carefully to the briefings and instructions, then anticipated that BOHSR achieve the target of full line operation by the end of 2015.

BOHSR launched "Joint Conference for Tender Invitations on HSR Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Taichung Station District Lands" to elaborate on Chingsheng Section No. 434 & 435 commercial districts in HSR Taoyuan Station District, Shihching Section No. 12, 13 &14 commercial districts in HSR Hsinchu Station District and New HSR Section No. 101 & 108 commercial/ manufacturing parks in HSR Taichung Station District. The conference successfully attracted nearly 30 entrepreneurs from life insurance companies, development and architectural companies, retail industry, logistics and Hong Kong enterprises.

本局ISO 9001授證典禮由香港商漢德技術監督服務亞太有限公司臺灣分公司(TUV NORD)葉總經理政治頒發證書,本局胡代理局長湘麟代表接受證書,在范次長植谷見證下完成授證儀式。
In The ISO 9001 Charter Ceremony, General Manager Cheng-Chih Yeh of TUV NORD awarded the certificate to BOHSR representative Acting Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu and the Ceremony was completed under the witness of Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan.

Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan led associates to inspect the TIAA MRT Project and the inspection stops included Lujhu Depot main workshop, train washing workshop, express tarin stabling yard office, etc. Deputy Minister Fan encouraged and instructed the workforce to accelerate construction progress and anticipated that the project will be finished and commence official operation on schedule.

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