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高鐵限建範圍查詢作業簡介 Introduction to the Inquiry System on HSR Building Restriction Areas

1. 查詢土地位址未位於高鐵路線所行經之行政區域-即函復申請人查復結果,併告知所詢土地倘未位於上開執行要點附錄一、(二)「條件發展地區」註7之行政區域,即無須進行查詢。
2. 查詢土地位址位於高鐵路線所行經之行政區域-利用內政部地籍圖資網路服務系統,登錄查詢土地地段與地號等地籍資料,可顯示查詢土地位址(及其與高鐵路線相對位置),明顯可直接判讀其與高鐵之距離大於60公尺者(高鐵限建範圍水平淨距),即未位於高鐵限建範圍,並函復申請人。
3. 查詢土地位址位於高鐵路線所行經之行政區域,利用內政部地籍圖資網路服務系統查知土地位址,但無法直接判讀其與高鐵之距離大於60公尺者-將來函所附地籍圖,套繪於高鐵限建範圍地籍圖,即可查知所詢土地是否位於高鐵限建範圍,並依套繪結果函復申請人。

HSR building restriction area inquiries system are based on "Guidelines for Non-urban Land Use Category Change" by Ministry of Interior.
According to the distance from inquired land location to HSR routes, inquired results can be divided into 3 categories. Official inquiry and reply processes are as follows:
1. If the inquired land is not located within the administrative areas where HSR passes by, reply should indicate that such inquiry can be omitted due to land is located in the administrative areas listed in Appendix 1/ "Conditional Development Regions"/ Note 7 of the Guidelines. The result is replied via post.
2. If the inquired land is located within the administrative areas where HSR passes by, further query is required. By registering road section and land no. of the inquired land on "Cadastral Data Network System, Ministry of Interior", the land location can be displayed (with relative position to HSR). If the distance between land location and HSR exceeds 60m, the location is not within the HSR building restriction range.
3. If the inquired land is located within the administrative areas where HSR passes by, further query is required. After registering on "Cadastral Data Network System, Ministry of Interior" and cannot directly determine whether the distance exceeds 60m, the next step is overlapping the cadastral map of the applicant and the HSR building restriction cadastral map. The map-overlapping result is then replied to applicant via post.
This action in advance can not only reduce risks of possible construction safety issues that might occur but can also consider potential impacts beforehand for constructions that are near HSR routes. BOHSR will play the role as HSR competent authority and continue to implement such inquiry and reply procedures to enhance prevention measures and maintain HSR structural and operational safety.

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