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高鐵局新任局長胡湘麟 BOHSR's Newly-appointed Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu


BOHSR's newly-appointed Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu graduated from National Chiao Tung University and has taken places as Engineer in MOTC Institute of Transportation, Section Chief, Deputy Division Director and Division Director in BOHSR. Since January of 2007, he assumed to office of BOHSR Deputy Director General and was appointed Acting Director General in June 2013. Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu has guided the staff of BOHSR to actively advance HSR and MRT constructions. He also handled railway operational supervision issues and has always adhered to his professional engineering spirit to complete all missions not only on schedule but also with great quality.
Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu has participated in the HSR construction project from the preparatory phase and worked from pushing the legal basis of BOT, including legislation of The Encouragement Statute, preliminary planning, tender invitations to attract private investments, tender selection and deliberation, construction and operation contract negotiation, looking for financing assistance, etc. to supervising the project up to official operation. He has witnessed the HSR system from scratch to now, completing a historical mission. During his time as the Acting Director General, he has given impetus to the workforce on acceleration of the delayed E&M system engineering which paid off with breakthrough progress after a year's effort. His leadership brought consensus to both domestic and foreign contractors, leading the team to the goal of official operation on schedule.
In September 2014, Acting Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu was assigned as Director General. Under his active leadership and innovative cogitation, BOHSR will continue to work on the TIAA MRT Project with full boost to accomplish operation as scheduled, carry out "seamless" public transport for both domestic and foreign passengers and create a new era in Taiwan transport and communication constructions.

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