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中秋節假期高鐵疏運情形 Traffic Dispersing Results of 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival


The 2014 Mid-Autumn Festival started from Sep. 6 (Sat) to Sep. 8 (Mon). To cope with heavy traffic during the holidays, MOTC not only carefully evaluated the traffic dispersion proposal submitted by THSRC, but also hosted meetings to thoroughly discuss operational plan, maintenance operation and contingency response plans to fully prepare THSRC for the upcoming holidays. Moreover, Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan led MOCT and BOHSR superiors on a visit to THSRC to comprehend on traffic dispersion preliminary work. The visit took place on Sep. 4, 2014 first in THSRC Taoyuan operational building for a quick briefing then at the operational control center for inspection of onsite situation. Deputy Minister Chih-Ku Fan encouraged the workforce to bring out their best performance and process smooth operation during the holidays.
From Sep. 5 to Sep. 8, total of 639 trains were dispatched including 6 unscheduled non-reserved trains, resulting in a 12.11% operation capacity increase comparing to normal operation. During the Mid-Autumn Holidays HSR traffic control, 100% train dispatch rate and 100% schedule accuracy were achieved. Additionally, the total passenger count reached 703,000 people averaging 176 thousand passengers per day, which brought HSR functions into full play and successfully dispersed traffic of western Taiwan.

  • 9月5日臺北車站疏運實況。
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