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機場捷運CE02標山鼻站(A10)及坑口站(A11)建置防飄雨設施 Installation of Anti-rainy Facilities in Shanbi Station (A10) and Kengkou Station (A11) of TIAA MRT Tender CE02

1. 防飄雨建置係在已完成之車站體進行二次施工,故建置之位置、材質是否與原設計理念相吻合均須再三考量,案經建築師反覆檢討後,決定於山鼻站(A10)採用懸吊式玻璃垂牆,以減少半開放式月台層側向開放面積,因其設置於天花板面下,亦可兼顧保護天花板及其他附屬設備之效用。
2. 坑口站(A11)因採雙島式月台,無法於月台門上方增作懸吊式玻璃垂牆,故細設顧問沿用隔音牆模式而建置防風牆,以阻擋位於地面上15公尺高月台層之側風,以達抗天候之效果。

Many improvement cases of Kaohsiung MRT elevated stations were aroused due to complaints from passengers that rain has caused disturbance to the waiting area. Therefore, evoked by such Kaohsiung MRT cases resulting from lack of anti-rainy facilities on elevated stations, "preventing negative impact from weather change to stations" came to be a major priority in the interface meeting of Taoyuan Metro Corp. and BOHSR. Upon weather evaluation of all stations in CE02 Tender by the supervising consultant, both Shanbi Station (A10) and Kengkou Station (A11) which are located in Lujhu Township, Taoyuan County fit the characteristics to initiate the anti-rainy facilities installation. Due to station location in the middle of vast open field and the annual northeast monsoon between November to March in the following year, station platforms and concourses are unprotected from the rain brought in by the monsoon. The installation project is described briefly as follows:
1. Installation of the anti-rainy facilities is a secondary construction to the station building itself. Thus the facility location, materials and design should correspond with the original station design. With complete discussion and evaluation, suspended glass walls were adopted to reduce open area on the platform side and provide protection for the ceiling and ancillary equipment.
2. On the other hand, since Kengkou Station (A11) adopted the double-island platform design, the above suspended glass walls are not applicable on such platforms. Thus, the conventional noise barrier windbreaks were applied to block the 15m-high platform side winds.
After completing the installation of anti-rainy facilities in Shanbi Station (A10) and Kengkou Station (A11), platform side winds were successfully blocked resulting in future normal operation of the Taoyuan Metro network.

  • 坑口站(A11)仿隔音牆設計之防風牆。
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