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「高速鐵路新竹車站特定區世興段11、12、13地號商業區開發經營案」招商公告 Promulgation of Tender Invitations for "Commercial Development Project of the HSR Hsinchu Station Designated District Lots No.11, 12, and 13 in ShiHsin Section"


To continuously enhance quality and functions of life in HSR Hsinchu Station District, BOHSR announced tender on Sep. 22, 2014 for "Commercial Development Project of the HSR Hsinchu Station Designated District Lots No.11, 12, and 13 in ShiHsin Section" and will close tender at 2pm on Nov. 19, 2014. The projects are in the form of superficies contracts with a contract period of 50 years and an optional 20-year contract renewal. The total area of this project is 19,198m2 with building coverage ratio at 60% and building bulk ratio at 300%. Taking all statistics into consideration, the total development area of this project would reach 1.5km2 forming the largest business park in HSR Hsinchu Station. The project venue is surrounded by 60m Kuanming 6th Road and 120m No.120 Country Route and is near Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park and TRA Liujia Station. Additionally, with the opening of the access road beneath the HSR line early next year, the business park will undoubtedly become the largest commercial land in the district.
Western Taiwan transportation has relied greatly on HSR ever since its official operation and along came with surrounding development of the major stations. For instance, well-known corporations such as Cathay Life Insurance and Kindom Construction Corp. have already invested in HSR Taoyuan Station District. For Hsinchu Station, tenders for "Commercial Development Project of the HSR Hsinchu Station Designated District Lots No.46 and 47 in ShiHsin Section" have been closed and won by companies bringing in shopping malls, hotels, high-class restaurants and commercial buildings in the coming future. These constructions are scheduled to break ground by end of this year. Moreover, the commercial building tenders of Shih-Hsin Section Lots No.43 Joint Development Project (9,930m2) that have been won mostly by high-tech companies indicated that there is a strong demand for business offices. Furthermore, with only a 30-minute commuting distance between HSR Hsinchu Station and Taipei, and nearly 1 million consumer demographics, the district consists of great potentials in residency, commutation, business, tourism and consumption ability.

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