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總統視察機場捷運電聯車首航台北車站 The President inspected the Arrival of the First TIAA MRT EMU Entering Taipei Main Station


At 9:40 am, Oct. 25th, 2014, the President Ma arrived at TIAA MRT Taipei Main Station accompanied by Minster Chiang and Chief Secretary Lee of Executive Yuan, Deputy Chief Secretary Hsiung from Office of the President, Minister Yeh of MOTC and Taipei City Mayor Hao. The party inspected Taipei Main Station (A1) and witnessed the historic moment of the first EMU entering the terminal station which initiated the final stage of E&M testing.
After the President and guests arrived at Taipei Main Station, they first made a stop at the in-town check-in registration counter in B1 and listened to the introduction of the very first baggage handling system in Taiwan by BOHSR Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu. Then, under the guidance of Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu, they walked to the platform to watch an introduction video on the construction progress of TIAA MRT Project. When the video played to the part where the EMU undercrossed Tamsui River and slowly entered Taipei Main Station, the image on the monitor was switched seamlessly to the monitor screen showing the EMU operating slowly toward Taipei Main Station. Simultaneously, the host instructed the crowd to alter their attention to the rail in which the EMU was arriving. The crowd immediately burst into ovation creating an extremely inspiring atmosphere. Subsequently, the President and guests hopped on the EMU to personally experience the comfortable seating area and its interior decorations. Interpretation on the operation of the in-town check-in and baggage handling system were also introduced on the EMU.
During the President's speech, the President acknowledged the completion of civil engineering, rail construction, power supply and communication systems in this project and is now entering the final stage of E&M testing. He not only encouraged the construction team to carefully proceed with each loop of the testing processes but also instructed BOHSR and future operation organizations to efficiently complete relevant simulation practices and preparatory work and reminded all to achieve official operation by end of 2015. Lastly, the inspection party was guided to the high-ceilinged lobby in B2 and was introduced to the architectural design and integrated transport network of future Taipei Main Station by Director General Huei-Sheng Tsai of DORTS. The inspection came to a successful end at 10:50 am.

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