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第三人申請高鐵交通建設用地作其他公共利益使用分享-北勢溪環境營造計畫 Case Study of "Operation Guidelines of 3rd Party Application for Public Use of HSR Construction Land" - Beishi River Environmental Construction Project


Beishi Beishi River Environmental Construction Project is the very first urban waterfront ecological construction demonstration project that has been approved by the Executive Yuan in the nation. The competent authority, Miaoli County Government, designed the project to center on HSR Miaoli Station District and construct Hakka Tulou (traditional house) Tourist Center, Taiwanese College Service Center and 7 detention parks along the Beishi River basin.
In coordination with the integrated environmental construction plan and to conform to "Operation Guidelines of 3rd Party Application for Public Use of HSR Construction Land" regulations, Miaoli County Government applied for 12 lots of HSR land (total area of 1.94 ha) for project land development. In this project, 3 detention parks were arranged and among where the HSR station and Beishi river intersects, landscape stairs with water facilities were designed according to moon phases and a large-scale waterfall and 15 column fountains were installed. The other item in the project, Hakka Tulou Tourist Center, is built as a 4 story building (three floors above ground and one floor underground) using modern architectural techniques and materials. In addition, both the lake-surrounding trail and the bicycle path along the river intersect with the building, forming a network in the area. The Hakka Tulou not only brings in the image of traditional Hakka culture but is now one of the famous landmarks in the station district. For the 5 detention parks in the southern area, playgrounds were set up with cystic spatial designs and created many independent forest classrooms to not only provide entertainment but also educational functions.
With channeling of river water into the 3 detention reservoirs surrounding the HSR route, HSR, TRA Station and the yellow Hakka Tulou forms a colorful scenic picture under the clear blue sky. In addition, with transporting trains passing though, promising development will be carried out in this district. Furthermore, upon the official opening of HSR Miaoli Station, the entire station district will no doubt become "The Heart of Miaoli".

  • 北勢溪環境營造工程-公滯5公園。
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