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高鐵彰化及苗栗站交通部環評追蹤考核現勘執行報導 Implementation Report on the MOTC Environmental Impact Evaluation of HSR Changhua and Miaoli Station


The onsite inspection of 2014 MOTC Environmental Impact Evaluation was carried out on Sep. 19 and Oct. 19, 2014 at HSR Changhua and Miaoli Station respectively. The inspection party was led by Convener of MOTC Environmental Task Force, Chief Secretary Hue-Lin Wu, and made their first stop at HSR Wurih Depot and Liuchia Depot for the inspection meeting. Subsequently, they visited HSR Changhua Station S260 Tender and HSR Miaoli Station S230 Tender for inspection on actual implementation of their environmental actions. The environmental key points of these 2 cases were green building design & construction and positive impact toward the surrounding environment from construction work.
The onsite inspection party was received by BOHSR Deputy Chief Engineer Kuo-Cheng Jao and Senior Manager Pei-Chun Tsai from THSRC. On account of the nominated green building certifications of both stations were superior to the originally promised environmental efforts (Miaoli Station even reached the diamond level of such evaluation), the Task Force members were extremely satisfied with the environmental efforts that BOHSR and THSRC had conducted. The inspection was successfully completed showing delightfully positive results.

  • 103年9月19日交通部環保小組辦理高鐵彰化站工程環評追蹤考核現勘。
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