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機場捷運公共藝術作品系列介紹(一) 林口站(A9)飛行之翼「一個自在的游晃」 TIAA MRT Public Art Series Report (1) "Linkou Station (A9) - "Swaying Freely"


The TIAA MRT Public Art Establishment Project was carried out in accordance with both "Regulations Governing the Provision of Incentives for Cultural and Artistic Pursuits" and "Public Art Establishment Measures". The purpose of this project is to blend public art pieces with the station hardware to provide an artistic atmosphere in throughout the MRT line and to create a world-class open art museum at the stations. The project was designed and executed by Hu's Art Company in which nine pieces of art will be set up in the eight chosen stations. The public art installation process has almost reached completion and each art piece will be introduced in the series report in subsequent volumes. The art piece that will be first debuted in No. 226 HSR Newsletter is "Swaying Freely" located in Linkou Station (A9).
Linkou Station (A9) - "Swaying Freely"
Comparing to the haste of cities, Linkou possesses mass green lands and broad street blocks which provides local residents a rather leisurely lifestyle. In correspondence with its concept of lifestyle, the art piece at Linkou Station was named "Swaying Freely" which was a kinetic art piece designed by LuxuryLogico, a domestic young artistic team. LuxuryLogico consisted of four talented artists who had outstanding performance in kinetic or installation art fields. With the assembling of these four young talents, they produced technical creations with more developed conceptions and concise skills.
Based on the theme of a "leisurely journey", the art piece was designed a flying machine made of twenty pairs of small wings hanging down from the station lobby ceiling. It expressed the team's expertise in minimalism and when the art piece glides, it feels like the wind breezes by.
The suspended creation ignites passengers' fantasies of flying and its gradual and rhythmic movement imitates the traverse of infinite energy. It symbolizes life in the originally lifeless conveyance and implies that a journey is the deepening of a body's perceptions. Flying is a dream of mankind which symbolizes the escape from gravity limitation. When TIAA MRT Linkou Station finally opens, passengers can travel with exceedingly speed and will be marked a milestone for new transportation and speed in Linkou.

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