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鐵路運送規則修正發布施行 Promulgation and implementation of Regulation for Railway Transportation Amendment


In accordance with Railway Law Clause 55-1, "Regulation for Railway Transportation" was first announced in Mar. 20, 1961 by MOTC and has gone through 12 amendments throughout the years. This amendment (promulgated on Dec. 3, 2014) revised 74 clauses after evaluation of the Regulation's full content making it the amendment with the largest margin in history.
The Regulation for Railway Transportation was established mainly to regulate and define rights and obligations between railway organization and passengers or package and consigner/consignee. In response to many alterations in railway operation practices that has happened in recent years, and also taking account of the supervision demand during railway operation and enhancement of consumer's rights, MOTC has started to evaluate and revise contents in Regulation for Railway Transportation since November of 2009. Through 38 forums of discussion with railway organizations (TRA, THSRC, Forestry Bureau of Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan and Taiwan Sugar Corporation), Consumer Protection Committee of Executive Yuan, Chinese Taipei Consumer's Foundation, League of Welfare Organizations for the Disabled, Ministry of Health and Welfare and many organizations in diverse fields, and after the regulation amendment notice in June 2014 and subsequent deliberation procedures, the amendment was finally announced for implementation on Dec. 3, 2014 under MOTC Order No. 10397001141.
MOTC will continually observe and monitor the implementation status of Regulation for Railway Transportation and will evaluate and revise timely and accordingly for the Regulation to conform to railway operation and ensure consumer's rights.

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