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本局103年度環境教育訓練執行成果報導 Implementation Report for 2014 BOHSR Environmental Educational Trainings


For the purpose of promoting national environmental education policy, BOHSR implemented six environmental education trainings in 2014. To meet staff's demands, the first three were outdoor trainings to HSR environmental promotion sites and parks in Taipei that have acquired environmental education certifications. The fourth training was two speeches made respectively by Director Jui-Jung Jao from Center For Measurement Standards, Industrial Technology Research Institute on "Safety Assessment of Electromagnetic Waves in our Environment" and ecological movie director Tung-Kuen Liao sharing the story of migration. The fifth training which invited advisors from EPA included a tour to HSR Chiayi Station to see its environmental action results, historic preservation sessions in Tainan and, environmental class in Tainan Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park, presentation by Dr. Jane Goodall, and organic farm farming ecological workshop.
The last environmental education training in 2014 was held on Nov. 17 which invited Deputy Executive Manager of Taiwan Ecological Engineering Development Foundation, also the Director of documentary "Satoyoma Taiwan", Mr. Ming-Yuan Chui to share with us about the industrial recovery of Bayien village and the documentary "Satoyoma Taiwan". The participants of this training were not only limited to BOHSR and MRT Engineering Office associates, but was opened to TIAA MRT Project contractors in hope of encouraging all trainees to contribute to our environment.
BOHSR has constantly held environment-related trainings for 13 years and discovered that participants not only brought what they have learned in the trainings to work but also brought the concepts home to their families. In recognition of this success, Minister Yeh form MOTC specially visited this year's fifth training to give the party words of encouragement and acknowledge the hard work of BOSHR. Under vigorous promotion, 429 associates in BOHSR (including MRT Engineering Office) have completed at least four hours of environmental education training by Nov. 30, 2014. The trainings are now being promoted further to relevant organizations (e.g., THSRC, contractors) hoping to build a foundation for environmental education in the society.

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