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行政院公共工程委員會陳主任委員希舜視察機場捷運工程 TIAA MRT Construction Inspection of Mr. Hsi-Shuenn Chen,Minister of PCC, Executive Yuan
陳主委視察機場捷運A18 站。


To catch on the construction progress and quality of TIAA MRT Project, Minister Mr. Chen from Executive Yuan on-site inspected Taoyuan Station (A18), operation control center at Chingpu Depot and Business Development Zone of HSR Taoyaun Station. During each stop, Mr. Chen listened to project briefings and comprehended on the construction situation. BOHSR stated that the civil engineering and station constructions are overall finished by 2013 and is now going through acceptance process. For Tender ME01 E&M Engineering, the contractor is now at the testing phase of signaling dynamic test and system integration test. As for tenders ME02, ME03 and ME05, all projects are making acceleration on progress and making effort to reach construction completion by end of 2014 and revenue service by the end of 2015 according to schedule.
Minister Mr. Chen appreciated the workforce of their hard work and approved of the construction achievements that are made. He especially requested BOHSR to supervise construction companies on construction progress and efficiently finish all preparation work before formal operation. He anticipated that under certain safety and quality circumstances, the TIAA MRT System would finish construction on schedule and be ready for operation, thus providing our society a convenient transportation choice.

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