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高鐵後續工程雲林車站上樑典禮紀要 The Beam Raising Ceremony of HSR Yunlin Station
S270 標高鐵雲林車站工程上樑典禮現況。


Taiwan HSR Construction Project is a national major infrastructure, and according to "The Encouragement Statute", this project includes private investment participation. The HSR route (Taipei-Kaohsiung) has started operation since March 2nd 2007, and the additional three stops (Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin) have begun construction since end of 2012. HSR Yunlin Station has started construction on November 23rd, 2012; the groundbreaking ceremony was held on January 15tth, 2013 and after a year of great efforts, the Bean Raising Ceremony was held on 23rd, 2014. The praying ceremony was hosted together by and Head Commissioner Ms. Chih-Fen Su of Yunlin County, Acting Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu of BOHSR and President Ching-De Ou of THSRC. Next, the golden bolt was installed to the iron beam to symbolize and pray for success and safety of the construction process. Representatives from different units were invited to participate in this ceremony to recognize the milestone of this great transportation infrastructure of Yunlin District.
HSR Yunlin Station is located at Huwei Township, Yunlin County. It is west of NTUH Yunlin Branch and east of Huwei Park-Central Taiwan Science Park. The exterior design of the station main building used various curved pillars to assemble a streamline structure which resembles tiger-like pattern and corresponds to the "Hu" (the Chinese word is as same as "tiger") of Huwei Township; the clear texture of glass windows in coordination with a mass area of the surrounding green scenery indicated an image of "forest mist". This infrastructure was planned, designed and constructed by THSRC and the contractor of this project is Evergreen Construction Corporation. The total area of station construction is 10.06 hectares with total internal ground space of 20,177 m2. The total construction budget was 15.888 hundred million NT dollars. The construction is scheduled to be finished in 2015 July and will be officially in operation after inspection.

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