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機場捷運完成全線送電概述 Overview of the Completion of TIAA MRT System Power Supply


The TIAA MRT Construction includes three Bulk Supply Substations (BSS), respectively Chingpu, Xinzhuang and Gueishan. Since the beginning of Power Supply System (PSS) Construction on October 1st, 2010, we managed to overcome all obstacles during construction and maintained a certain progress with cooperation from contractors, supervisors and the Power Supply Team from MRT Engineering Office. In the last three years, we were able to complete power distribution of one BSS a year in which Chingpu BSS started operation on November 1st, 2011 and Gueishan BSS started operation on September 28th, 2012 and Xinzhuang BSS has completed 161kV power distributions on December 10th, 2013.
In consideration of the stability and safety of PSS, all three substations were introduced with two 161kV power distribution loops by Taipower Company. One of the loops is for regular power supply and the other one is backup power supply. First, in the bulk transformer, GIS brings the voltage down to 22.8kV. The electricity is then distributed to TSS for EMU traction and SSS for station facilities. When encountering a power cut in regular power supply loop, the backup loop then replaces power supply of the regular loop. During the annual maintenance or sudden malfunction occurrences of any one of the BSSs, power supply could be provided by another BSS. Under such power transfer situations, full power supply could be provided without interfering with regular operation. Every BSS is equipped with two bulk transformers, one of which is for EMU traction power supply and the other for the power supply of station facilities. When one of the transformers is in maintenance or malfunctioning, the other could provide full power supply replacement.
Under regular operation, each BSS has its power supply areas: for Xinzhuang BBS, its power supply area is Taipei Main Station(A1)- National Taiwan Sport University Station (A7) for station facilities; for Gueishan BBS, its power supply area is Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station(A8)- Airport Terminal 2 Station(A13) for station facilities; for Chingpu BBS, its power supply area is Airport Terminal 3 Station (A14A)- Huanbei Station (A21) for station facilities. With the completion of all three BSSs, the following integration assessments could proceed fluently.

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