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機場捷運自動收費系統車站營運測試簡介 Introduction to the Pre-operation Testing of TIAA MRT Automatic Fare Collection Equipment


The TIAA MRT System consists of both express train and commuter train creating possible train overtaking situations. With additional in-town check-in and baggage handling services, the auto fare collection (AFC) system of TIAA MRT must be effective, efficient and stable to cope with express/commuter train service, peak-hour station loading and the additional needs for Zhungli extension line.
To ensure independent operation of each station, when encountering malfunction of equipment, the AFC system will automatically switch into a downgraded mode. The station operational testing is focused on the procedures in the downgraded mode; the test process is briefed as follows:
1.When the central computer in the operational control center malfunctions, the ticketing system and automatic gates in each station have to remain normal operation. All data originally transferring to the central system will be temporarily saved in the station computer system and then automatically sent back to the central computer when the technical problem is resolved and the system is reconnected.
2.When the station computer malfunc-tions, the fare collection data will be temporarily saved in the built-in RAM of the equipment and then transferred back to the station computer system once reconnection established.
3.In case of extended malfunction duration and lack of RAM, the operational data can be downloaded onto a laptop and then uploaded to the system manually.
In the AFC testing, participants simulated the actual ticketing situation by using cash/credit cards to purchase prepaid tickets. Additionally, to accelerate the testing process, relevant software inclusive of station information was pre-copied to the ticket chips. The transaction data and station entrance/exit data was recorded and calculated accordingly.
The station revenue record includes total transaction amount and unit price recorded by AFC equipment. The total transaction amount should be consistent to the sum of the testing transactions including ticket price, refund amount, stored value, exit amount (fares / charges / replacement ticket), etc.
The TIAA MRT ATC System testing process has been completed by Dec. 31, 2014 and results showed consistency to contract regulations.

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