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ISO 9001品質管理系統建置 Establishment of ISO 9001 Quality Management System

故此,胡代理局長有意藉著「ISO 9001品質管理系統建置」計畫之推動,對本局各種執行程序進行總體檢,並建立符合機關永續發展的作業程序及表單文件,乃於102年8月指派總工程司召集成立推動小組,並於同年9月起陸續召開幹事會議及委員會議,積極研擬推動策略與方案。
為讓全局同仁了解ISO 9001品質管理系統內涵,在管理顧問公司未進場輔導前,除邀請中興工程顧問股份有限公司廖同柏副總理到局分享該公司導入及取得驗證經驗,另邀請企盉顧問股份有限公司劉志鴻副總經理到局解說系統內涵。日前本局已依採購法辦理公開招標,委請科建管理顧問股份有限公司進場輔導,依計畫期程預計於103年7月取得驗證證書。

BOHSR has undertaken many national major transportation construction projects including HSR, TIAA and HSR Station District Development Plans. Of these major constructions, we have executed relevant procedures and submitted documents according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) but haven't yet retrieved certification for our general operating system. Over the years, BOHSR have retained numerous management records and published many picture albums and DVDs for these construction projects. However, with the aging of senior employees and increase of retirees, the possible concern of newcomers lacking of experience may increase gradually.
Therefore, the Acting Director General planned to evaluate all executive procedures and develop new sustainable operating procedures and documents by promoting the "ISO 9001 Quality Management System Project". In 2013 August, the project management team was put together by Chief Engineer and in September, started holding administrator and member meetings to draft out promotion tactics and proposals.
To introduce the contents of ISO 9001 to our workforce, we invited in advance Vice President Mr. Tung-Po Liao of SINOTECH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS, Ltd. and Vice President Mr. Chih-Hung Liu of Chi Ho Consulting Company to share with us the experience and contents of this system. BOHSR has already put up a public tender according to the Government Procurement Act and commissioned Kind Management Consulting, Inc. to on-site counsel our employees on this project. The certification is scheduled to be completed in July, 2014.

  • 鍾總工程司主持「ISO9001 推動小組」委員會議。
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