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交通部103年度交通動員準備暨天然災害防救業務考評紀要 Summary of the 2014 MOTC Annual Transportation Mobilization Preparation and Disaster Prevention and Protection Assessment


The Transportation Mobilization Business Preparation Meeting is held to keep track of the business progress of project managing authorities and executive units. By holding the meeting, MOTC can set actions to integrate information, notify and respond to authorities about natural occurring disasters. Moreover, by holding annual assessments, MOTC can verify mobilization efficiency and strengthen authority functions on handling natural occurring disasters.
In this year's Transportation Mobilization Preparation Meeting/ Disaster Prevention and Protection Assessment held on Jan 7th and hosted by Counselor Mr. Tai-Ming Lee, the event was divided into two parts: information evaluation and on-site inspection. Assessment contents included briefing of Transportation Mobilization Preparation and Disaster Prevention and Protection Assessment, survey and categorization of mobilized manpower and supplies, educational training drills, etc. The assessment included two major items, transportation mobilization and disaster prevention & rescue, which is divided into 56 sub items.
With supervision by Deputy Director General Mr. Wu-Hsun Chang, BOHSR (the competent authority of HSR Mobilization Preparation Project) sent the First Division along with THSRC (the executive unit of HSR Mobilization Preparation Project) to accept the Assessment. Our briefing presentation and self-assessment reports were complete and detailed and the assessment items were well categorized and presented digitally which were backed up by concrete statistics and evidence. We also displayed equipment to explain the prevention protocol, mobilization manpower and rescue efficiency. The assessment committee members were satisfied with our performance.
For the purpose of acknowledging the current development and future application of dual-use technology, the committee invited the Aviation Department of Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology to the assessment to introduce technologies including "Instant Monitoring System for Rail Invasion" and "UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Applications". After interchange and enthusiastic discussion, the Aviation Department approved of BOHSR and THSRC taking the initiative to improve HSR disaster prevention and safety measures.
BOHSR will continue to supervise THSRC on the issues need of improvement from this evaluation to achieve even better performance.

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