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「高鐵工程施工全紀錄」專業訓練講習 "Record of the HSR Constructions" Training Session

1. 因應超抽地下水造成高鐵橋梁不均勻沉陷結構補強及更換橋梁支承墊,以維持高速鐵路300km/h速度正常營運條件之經驗分享。
2. BIM(Building Information Modeling)應用於工程設計施工界面管理及展望後續應用於營運維護管理。

The construction scale of Taiwan HSR ranges from northern Taiwan all the way to southern Taiwan. Since 2010, Taiwan High Speed Rail Company (THSRC) has embarked on the planning and constructing of the 3 additional HSR stations, Miaoli, Changhua and Yunlin Station, which are scheduled to be completed by July, 2015. The engineering and architectural techniques of this project are even more sophisticated comparing to prior projects. During which, BOHSR invited the Vice President of THSRC, Mr. Teng-Tzu Chu, as our guest speaker in the "Record of the HSR Constructions" training session to share engineering techniques and onsite experiences with the team.
The training session began with an introduction by Deputy Director General Chang and then followed by two presentations delivered by Mr. Chu:
1.Using strengthening measures and shoring pad replacement on bridge piers suffering from differential settlement due to groundwater overuse to maintain HSR normal operation at 300km/h.
2.Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in engineering design, construction interface management and future prospect of application in operation maintenance management.
The training attracted many associates to participate and resulted in a great success..

  • BIM應用於工程施工界面管理。
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