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本局102年度參與臺南水雉生態教育園區工作執行報導 Executive Report on BOHSR's Participation in Tainan Jacana Ecological Education Park in 2013


Playing the role as the most convenient and fastest way of transportation from northern to southern Taiwan, BOHSR also bears the great responsibility of environment preservation. In advance of the groundbreaking of HSR constructions, BOSHR gathered Tainan City Government, THSRC, Forestry Bureau from Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, and conservation groups to execute the "HSR Jacana Conservation Project" which was assessed and approved by EPA. The project was together planned and shared costs by the cooperating associations which in 1999 successfully built a 15 hectare Jacana Reproduction Habitat and later established the Jacana Ecological Education Park in Tainan. Such achievements of the project induced growth of Taiwan jacana population from less than 50 in the beginning to now around 500 jacanas and still growing. This conservation project combined three domains including transportation infrastructure, economic development and environmental protection, and is one of the most successful models of Government-private corporations-conservation association cooperative events.
In 2013, the population of jacanas in Jacana Ecological Education Park started from around 90 to 140 by the end of the year, but due to pesticide poison, there were only about 80 remained. About the calculations in this year, there were 123 adult birds which reproduced in the Park, 145 nests made, 575 eggs laid in which 360 nestlings were hatched and grown into 256 jacanas. The amount of birds participating in this year's reproduction, the amount of hatched nestlings and jacanas grown created a record comparing to past years which indicated that management experience has created great results.
In contrast of the great annual reproduction results, there was a hiccup in December which several jacanas died in a pesticide poison incident. This incident was caused by usage of pesticide pellets in water chestnut fields. This incident showed that we will need to expand the protection net of jacanas in the winter and also continue education on environmental preservation to local farmers. Fortunately, the incident was handled appropriately and the deaths of jacanas were controlled to a minimum.
The Jacana Ecological Education Park continued to promote environmental protection throughout the year. Other than the regular educational camps held for students and local residents, the park started holding environment educational trainings for government units and schools. In support with the concept of Jacana Ecological Education Park, BOHSR together with THSRC led 80 trainees for an educational visit of the park on October 15th 2013. Moreover, to promote the importance of jacana conservation and also appreciate the great efforts made by volunteers and farmers, BOHSR attended the opening ceremony of Jacana Ecological Season on September 20th which was led by Acting Director General Hu Hsiang-Lin.

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