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「高速鐵路新竹車站特定區世興段11、12、13地號商業區開發經營案」簽約 Contract-signed for "Development Projects of Commercial Districts, Land No.11, 12, and 13, Shih-Hsin Section in HSR Hsinchu Station District"


Regarding "Development Projects of Commercial Districts Land No.11, 12, and 13 Shih-Hsin Section in HSR Hsinchu Station District" promulgated by BOHSR, the optimal applicant was decided to be MediaTek Inc in the General Evaluation Meeting held on Jan. 12, 2015. Subsequently, the contract was signed on Feb. 12 comprising BOHSR and a subsidiary of MediaTek Inc., Hsu-Chuang Investment corp..
The lot distribution of this project consists of nearly 20,000 m2 land area which possesses the largest coverage of HSR Hsinchu Station District. HSR Hsinchu Station District has been gradually forming a high-tech communication initiating from the Landmark Residential Community Project in 2014 that attracted multiple companies including Winbond and Amazing Microelectronic. Combining the nearby Hsinchu Science Park with HSR transportation connecting science parks along western Taiwan and Taoyuan International Airport, an international network comprising high-tech businesses is no doubt thriving in the HSR Hsinchu Station District.
MediaTek Inc. is one of the top three IC designing corporations worldwide and has been ranked 99 in Forbes- The World's Top 100 Innovative Companies in 2013, which was the only Taiwan company who made the list. MediaTek is planning to establish an office building with total area of 99,173m2 and an over 23,000m2 compound plaza inclusive of industry-university interchange, business and dining functions. The compound plaza will be opened for business after completion and about 1,600 parking spaces will be available. The establishment of this project will provide a new leisure site for local residents increasing entertainment options for the district. The investment of this project is estimated to consume 7.2 billion NT dollars and the 15-story/4-story basement compound building is scheduled to be completed and opened in 2019.

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