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機場捷運CU03A標環北站周邊交通改善工程辦理情形 Implementation of TIAA MRT CU03A Tender on Huanbei Station Surrounding Traffic Improvement Plan

本工程已順利於104年1月21日決標予昱福營造有限公司,並於 2月12日簽約,2月17日開工,且由本局捷運工程處辦理監造工作,目前得標廠商正積極辦理施工圍籬、沉澱池及整地作業,定能如期如質承接機場捷運年底通車接駁轉乘之使命。

The TIAA MRT construction timeline is scheduled to reach official operation to Huanbei Station (A21) by end of 2015. In response to the estimated demand of shuttle transport between downtown and Huanbei Station, BOHSR planned to construct a transit hub at the intersection of Huanbei Road and Zhongfeng N Road, which is behind the TIAA MRT Huanbei Station, for buses and Huanbei Station shuttle buses to provide transit services. In addition, there will also be parking spaces for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles in the station district. Overall, the bus shuttle and taxi services along with adequate car/motorcycle/bicycle parking spaces in the station district, Huanbei Station will provide integrated transit services and fulfill considerable parking demands.
BOHSR and Taoyuan City Government have had multiple discussions on the lot distribution of the transit hub project and have taken city bus, intercity bus and automobile transits into consideration. In coordination with phased development planning, the initial distribution phase will be targeted to complete fundamental transit functions including 2 shuttle bus stops, 6 bus parking spaces, 132 automobile parking spaces, 275 motorcycle parking spaces, 42 bicycle parking spaces, circulating access roads, backside resident-reserved roads, drainage facilities, landscape designs and essential power supply equipment. In addition, to prevent traffic congestion during Zhongli Station (A23) and crossover construction period and to fulfill the operational demands of intercity buses, the overall construction period is scheduled to finish within 6 months. BOHSR is also targeting fulfill transit demands of the area and to transfer operational management authorities of the transit hub to Taoyuan City Government as early as possible.
This construction project has been won by Yu Fu Construction Co. Ltd. on Jan. 21, 2015. The tender contract has been signed on Feb. 12 and groundbreaking of construction performed on Feb. 17. The subsequent supervision work has been handed over to the MRT Engineering Office who indicated that the contractor has already embarked on pre-construction duties including construction fence, sedimentation tank and land grading procedures. They are confident to achieve the target of official operation to Huanbei Station (A21) by end of 2015.
The station revenue record includes total transaction amount and unit price recorded by AFC equipment. The total transaction amount should be consistent to the sum of the testing transactions including ticket price, refund amount, stored value, exit amount (fares / charges / replacement ticket), etc.
The TIAA MRT ATC System testing process has been completed by Dec. 31, 2014 and results showed consistency to contract regulations.

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