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機場捷運營運前運轉測試準備作業 Preparatory Work for TIAA MRT PRSR


The pre-revenue service runnging (PRSR) test is handled by the MRT Engineering Office with principles basing on Mass Rapid Transit Law Article 15-2: “When a route construction is completed, the competent authority shall apply for inspection from the central competent authority; Operation is prohibited before approval” and Article 3 in Principal Application Procedures for Mass Rapid Transit Inspection stating that the system stability testing report is one of the requirements for preliminary inspection and final inspection. In addition, regarding the contract contents in TIAA MRT E&M System, the PRSR test is to ensure integrated operational functions including operational measures, manpower distribution, stable E&M system and hardware functions under normal operation, malfunctioning situations and emergency incident simulations. Thus, before formal operation of the TIAA MRT System, the MRT Engineering Office will acquire the system stability testing reports and implement on subsequent preliminary inspection procedures.
To ensure smooth implementation of the TIAA MRT PRSR test, the MRT Engineering Office has put together a task force for the PRSR test. In coordination with Taoyuan Metro Corporation, the task force will recently finish evaluation of the PRSR test submitted by MKH J.B. Consortium. According to the plan, the tests will start on Apr. 1, 2015 and will last 3 months including 44 testing scenarios covering normal operational tests (e.g. Peak hour/non-peak hour timetable), degrading operational tests (e.g. power malfunction, brake failure) and emergency operational tests (e.g. passenger evacuation during fire alarm).
BOHSR will continually assist MRT Engineering Office on supervising MKH J.B. Consortium to implement PRSR test conforming to contract regulations and to complete the testing as scheduled. The TIAA MRT System will go through PRSR test, preliminary inspection, final inspection and then finally official operation under a safety-guaranteed condition.

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