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104年2月份大事紀要 February Major Events

Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung led BOHSR associates to Yunlin County Government for the 17th implementation measure meeting regarding the "Improvement Plan of Access Road to HSR Yunlin Station District". Meeting discussions included first, the confirmation of south side traffic improvement construction contents and timeline and second, prompt request for Yunlin County Government to submit north side traffic improvement proposal to MOTC.

Contract-signing Ceremony for "Development Projects of Commercial Districts, Land No.11, 12, and 13, Shih-Hsin Section in HSR Hsinchu Station District" was held comprising BOHSR and the new subsidiary of MediaTek Inc., Hsu-Chuang Investment corp..

Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu accompanied Premier Chih-Kuo Mao of Executive Yuan to a visit in HSR Operational Control Center. The Premier expressed his gratitude to the staffs who were on duty during the Lunar New Year holidays.

Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu accompanied Minister Chien-Yu Chen of MOTC to HSR Zuoying Station for inspection of the Lunar New Year traffic dispersing situation.

Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu accompanied Minister Chien-Yu Chen of MOTC for a visit to HSR Taichung Station the Minister encouraged and thanked on duty staffs for their great effort. Legislators Hsueh-Sheng Chen and Yu-Ling Lu held the public hearing on "Underground/Elevation Project of TRA Taoyuan Section" in which Deputy Director General Wu-Hsun Chang led relevant associates to attend the hearing.

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