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高鐵路權範圍內桃園縣蘆竹鄉長安段810地號土地協議價購處理情形 Land Purchase Case of Changan Section No. 810, HSR Right-of-Way Land in Lujhu Township, Taoyuan County
高鐵路權範圍內桃園縣蘆竹鄉長安段810 地號。


About the negotiation land purchase case of Changan Section in Lujhu Township, the Lujhu Land Administration Department found a measurement mistake during re-measurement of the land areas. This mistake resulted in over-expropriation of the original expropriated Land No. 112-94 (re-measured as Changan Section No. 811) and no expropriation of Changan Section No. 810, which was supposed to be in the HSR right-of-way range.
For correction of the over-expropriated Land No. 112-94 (re-measured as Changan Section No. 811), since it was only a measurement error, BOHSR applied for expropriation revision. The revision case was accepted by Ministry of the Interior and officially processed under Case No. 1010314715.
As for Changan Section No. 810, its authority belongs to Taoyuan Irrigation Association (TIA) and is in the range of Nankan Planned Community Project. The land categorization is in "Rail Usage Land" which can be of used for HSR needs. However, the status of Changan Section No. 810 was a channel at that time and the administration record showed the land catagory as "water-included". Therefore, Changan Section No. 810 could not undergo direct pricing negotiation. Therefore, BOHSR invited TIA and Water Resources Bureau of Taoyuan County Government for a meeting on this issue on May 14th 2013. As a result, all units agreed that TIA should investigate and clarify whether this area of land was still in use of irrigation. After investigation, Changan Section No.810 was cleared of irrigation usage and free of waterways. The TIA then informed BOHSR to apply for "water abolishment" of this area under regulations of Water Act Article 46. The area of land can then be retrieved by price-negotiating purchase or land expropriation.
Subsequent to the Water Abolishment procedures processed by the Taoyuan County Government, Changan Section No. 810 was negotiated to be sold at NT$ 22,953/m2, which was calculated by "market value compensation" of Taoyuan land price in the first half of 2013 multiplied by the "market value variation margin" of the second half of 2013. With the cooperation of TIA and local tax offices, the property right of Changan Section No. 810 was successfully transferred and completed registration on December 12th 2013.

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