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機場捷運軌道備品簡介 Introduction to the Rail Spare Parts in the TIAA MRT System


Spare parts are materials and accessories that are stored regularly to ensure system safety under normal operations.
The items and quantities of rail spare parts for TIAA MRT System are provided by the contractor and details are listed in "employer request". The 34 request items comprised 25 items of "rail spare parts' including rail sleepers, steel rail, fastenings, etc. and 9 items of "components" including bearings used in floating slab tracks and depots, steel springs, intersecting slabs, etc.
Upon completion of the ballast and non-ballast rail constructions, the contractor shall present the storage plan of spare parts inclusive of detailed packaging, moisture-proof and anti-corrosive measures. When actual installation procedures of components differ with listed instructions, the contractor shall present explanation reports.
Regarding parts storage, the contractor should store spare parts in the designated storage area according to contract. When encountering parts exchange, the delivery schedule and destination of parts should be coordinated between contractor and buyer in which the damaged parts should be removed from the construction site by the contractor and replaced by the new functioning spare parts. From manufacturing, packing to pre-shipping processes, all metal items should be processed under anti-corrosive practices.
Large components such as steel rail, rail sleepers, turnouts, crossings and guardrails do not need to be packed in containers. However, the same items should be bundled together and imprinted with correspondent stencil-printed labels. The quality of labeling paint should retain legibility of the labels for at least five years under the climate condition of project location. On the other hand, small components including fastenings and plates must be contained in moisture-proof containers and labeled accordingly with its data and amount. The labels should be waterproof and should be taken fading-prevention measures.

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