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機場捷運公共藝術作品系列報導(三) 新北產業園區站(A3)- 伽利略與他朋友們留給我的月亮 TIAA MRT Public Art Series Report (3) New Taipei Industrial Park Station - "Galileo and His Friends Left Me with these Moons……"

月有陰晴圓缺,其盈虧變幻留給詩人與藝術家無限的想像空間與靈感,創作了許許多多不同的故事。科學家伽利略也是著名的月亮觀測天文家之一,他藉由時間變化發現了星球運轉的韻律;印度藝術家Sunil Gawde亦長期關注時間的韻律與流轉,希望以此作品向這群16世紀的科學家致意,也希望在繁忙車站中接駁轉運的人們,偶爾能緩下腳步感受自然的韻律。

New Taipei Industrial Park Station is distributed with two public art pieces in which the "Galileo and His Friends Left Me with these Moons⋯⋯" art piece located in the lobby hallway will be introduced in this month's Newsletter.
From ancient times, the waning and waxing of the moon induced poets and artists of infinite imagination and inspiration, which handed down many stories about the moon. Galileo Galilei, one of the well-known moon-observing astronomers in the 16th century, discovered the orbiting rhythm of planets through time change. Likewise, an Indian artist, Sunil Gawde, watched the rhythm of time as he cultivated his arts. Therefore, the expectancy of this art piece not only pays tribute to these moon-inspired scientists but also hopes to slow down the paces of passing passengers in the busy station for them to absorb the natural rhythm of this artistic scene.
The face of the art piece presented 30 moon images various in size and speed of waning. The movement of the moons imitates the orbiting planets in outer space. From the back of the piece, we can see multiple wheels linked to each other through a mass surface of glass. The wheel turns to drive movement of the moons, creating an elegant moon dance in the front. Furthermore, "Galileo and His Friends Left Me with these Moons⋯⋯" can reflect the historical position of the station which transformed from a traditional mechanical factory to the New Taipei Industrial Park. The artist successfully combined mechanical aesthetics with a poetic touch, saving memory of passing time.

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