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本局104年上半年辦理高鐵車站特定區土地及建物標售案 Preparatory Work for TIAA MRT PRSR BOHSR Tender Invitations for HSR Station District Land and Buildings in the First Half of 2015


The tender invitations for HSR Taichung and Tainan Station District land numbers is scheduled to be proclaimed in 2015 April by BOHSR, MOTC. The proclamation will include 3 tenders in Taichung and 4 tenders in Tainan, and the tender opening is scheduled to be held on May 27 (Wed).
HSR Taichung Station is an integrated structure with HSR, Taiwan Railways and Taichung Metro intersecting. In addition, the station district presents a high-quality lifestyle neighboring 3 schools, 12 parks and 13 parklanes.
The advantage of HSR Tainan Station includes a convenient 20-minute downtown transport via TRA Shalun Line. The station district has been fully developed and comprises a high proportion of public facilities providing an excellent living environment.
Besides the tenders in Taichung and Tainan, BOHSR is scheduling to announce two residential tenders in HSR Hsinchu Station District in May this year. The tenders are apartments in the brand new Landmark Residential Community which is only 150m away from the HSR station. The address of the tenders are respectively "4F-2, No.223, and 4F-1, No.225, Fuxing 2nd Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County" . Furthermore, the apartment area is approximately 275 square meters, has good spatial arrangement and lighting, and is attached with a large parking spot, small parking spot and motorcycle parking spot.
For further proclamation details, please see our BOHSR website at or call 02-80723333 ext 5401 & 5403 for land tenders or 5404 for residential tenders.

  • 臺中市烏日區新長壽段90地號。
  • 臺南市歸仁區武東段84地號。
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