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本局104年第一場環境教育訓練 The First Environmental Education Training in 2015 by BOHSR


In coordination with government policies on promotion of environmental education, BOHSR worked hard on introducing international environmental-friendly concepts into the designs and implementation of engineering projects. In 2015, the bureau specially arranged a training cohosted by National Taiwan Museum (NTM) and BOHSR for associates to be more familiar with successful environmental cases. On Mar. 27 and Apr. 10, 2015, the first and second training was implemented at Taiwan Land Bank Exhibition Hall, NTM for the trainees to visit the Dinosaur Exhibition. In addition, Deputy Director General Hua-Ching Lin from NTM was invited to present a speech with the topic, "How to Preserve Agricultural Ecosystems by Consumer's Power", to illustrate on the importance of farmland influence on water resources and eco-protection in Taiwan and how consumers can support environmental protection through purchasing actions. In the speech, the speaker raised examples in Taiwan including water terrace preservation project hosted by Council of Agriculture and the pheasant-tail jacana preservation hosted by BOHSR to help the audience comprehend the topic.
In the afternoon, the party was led to Ba-Yien Village, a successful preservation site in Taipei, to see the actual site of the example presented in Deputy Director General Lin's speech. The water terrace preservation project in Ba-Yien Village was initiated and promoted together by Taiwan Ecological Engineering Development Foundation (EEF) and Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation in which the outcome was truly successful and turned into the best outdoor classroom for environmental education in Taipei. The tour in Ba-Yien Village was introduced and guided by Ms. Feng-Hua Chien from EEF.
In the trainings, trainees not only absorbed the environmental concepts in Deputy Director General Lin's lecture but also saw the results of environmental efforts in person at Ba-Yien Village which deepened their knowledge in environmental protection. The trainers encouraged participants to start protecting our environment by changing their daily habits and make good use of their consumer's power to change this environment for the better.

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