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道岔懶人包(二) 高鐵道岔(2)-轉轍器 For Dummies 2: HSR Switches


The major components of a HSR switch are motor, power switch, snap switch, clutch, sliding detection lever, pushing rod, and box & lid of the switch.
Switch malfunction includes mechanical and electrical failures. Currently, the most frequent problem occurs at the snap switch in which the HSR team is actively preventing and controlling the situations. Malfunction in other parts of the switch happen rarely. Due to the composition of the switch including mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, each part is limited by its life cycles. Like all life forms and machinery, the switch parts can be detected of errors prior to the actual failure. Thus, frequent examination and constant monitoring will effectively eliminate malfunctioning errors promptly before they lead to consequential impact.
Improvement measures to prevent malfunctions include enhance pre-usage examinations on snap switches, increase inspection and periodical maintenance frequencies, fully execute 24-hour non-stop monitoring and increase maintenance stations (call points) and manpower. All errors shall be eliminated promptly after confirmed detection to avoid further impact to normal HSR operation. Moreover, since the HSR system is designed with fail-safe concept, the HSR system shall still be risk-free even if the switch malfunctions.
As the saying goes "prevention is always better than cure", by constantly monitoring and periodically maintaining the switch and eliminate or isolate the errors immediately, the risk of switch malfunctions affecting HSR operation will be greatly decreased.

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