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陳部長陪同立法院交通委員會委員視察機場捷運 Minister Chen of MOTC Accompanied Committee Members of Transportation Committee, Legislative Yuan to Inspect the TIAA MRT Project


In the afternoon of Apr. 23, Minister Chen of MOTC accompanied com-mittee members of Transportation Committee, Legislative Yuan to inspect the TIAA MRT Project. The inspection party rode the train from New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3) to Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13) and back for a thorough understanding of the implemen-tation status of testing processes.
Participants of this inspection com-prised chief of districts and townships, district office staffs, multiple press and reporters, and committee members including Ms. Li-Huan Yang, Ms. Yi-Chin Yeh, Mr. Hong-Chun Lee, Mr. Ping-Jui Wu, Mr. Ken-Te Chen, etc. The whole inspection process was fluent and successful in which participants not only expressed approval towards TIAA MRT performance but also provided many valuable suggestions that BOHSR can use for future reference on improvement approaches.
The inspection tour embarked at New Taipei Industrial Park Station (A3) in which the party hopped onto the train to experience the interior space distribution and design. Subsequent to arriving at Airport Terminal 2 Station (A13), MRT Engineering Office staff first guided the visitors to the station lobby for briefing then led them to the baggage service area to see the first baggage handling system ever introduced in Taiwan. After thorough comprehension of the in-town check-in and baggage handling system, the inspection party left the A13 Station and rode the train back to A3 Station in which the inspection came to a successful end.
Regarding this inspection, Minister Chen indicated that the ride was smooth and that BOHSR should continue the road to achieve official operation by end of this year and complete a safe and comfortable transportation system. Minister Chen anticipated that domestic and foreign passengers will be satisfied with this transport system and that by the exhibition period of Lantern Festival next year in Taoyuan, people will be able to take the TIAA MRT to exhibition venues.

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