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高鐵雲林站南側道路改善工程推動辦理情形 Implementation Status of HSR Yunlin Station Southside Access Road Improvement Construction Project


On July 18, 2003, the Improvement Project of Access Road System to HSR Yunlin Station was approved by Executive Yuan with a total budget of 3,769 million NT dollars. The project included five subprojects: "new access road beneath HSR viaducts (north side of station)", "new access road beneath HSR viaducts (south side of station)", "installation of Tuku interchange" and "new Douliu access road". Both "installation of Tuku interchange" and "new Douliu access road" constructions have been completed and officially opened but the remaining three subprojects faced obstacles of the land subsidence issue in Yunlin area. Upon multiple and thorough monitoring, evaluations and discussions, Yunlin County Government announced in August 2012 and May 2013 respectively for the station north side/south side constructions to be replaced with an alternative approach.
The "alternative improvement project for station south side access road beneath HSR viaducts (inclusive of Tuku interchange access construction)" was submitted by BOHSR to MOTC and then approved by Executive Yuan on Nov. 4, 2014 as "HSR Yunlin Station South Side Access Road Improvement Construction Project" after thorough planning of the routes and holding numerous regional briefings with local residents. The construction range starts from the agricultural road on the south side of Yunlin Station, crossing county highway 158 and Yunlin rural highway 97 and finally connecting Tuku interchange. The whole project length is 5,005m, width 24m, budget is 468 million NT dollars (inclusive 233 million of land expenses) and the construction period is scheduled to be finished in June 2017. Currently, the Yunlin County Government has finished initial planning of the project and is processing with designs of construction details. As for land expropriation, the cadastral subdivision work has been completed and the entire expropriation process is estimated to be completed by end of this year.
HSR Yunlin Station is estimated to be officially opened in Dec. 2015 and by then, residents in Yunlin can reach HSR Yunlin Station easily by its access roads and transport to other cities much more efficiently than now. In addition, with high speed rail transportation system in the area, Yunlin is no doubt going to thrive in industrial and economic development.

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