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高鐵新增彰化站上樑典禮 The Beam Raising Ceremony of the Newly Added HSR Changhua Station


The additional new HSR Changhua station is a significant transportation construction for the local government and the Beam Raising Ceremony is also an important milestone for such constructions. Therefore, THSRC and MOTC held the ceremony on December 23rd 2013 11am at the HSR Changhua Station construction site with many representatives from different units to celebrate this event. Participants include members of the Legislative Yuan from local districts and the Transportation Committee, head commissioners of local city and county governments, public delegates, village chiefs and organization representatives.
The ceremony was opened with a grand welcoming of our honorable guests, the Magistrate Cho Po-Yuan of Changhua County, President Ou, Acting Director General Hu, Legislators Cheng Ju-Fen and Wei Ming-Gu, Mayor Cheng Chun-Hsiung of Tianchung Town, etc. After the guests addressed their blessings and kind regards to the event, all participants took their places for the praying ceremony. Then, the golden bolt was installed to the iron beam and most important of all, the beam raising ceremony was held. The ceremony ended successfully in everyone's applause, symbolizing the HSR Changhua Station Construction is stepping into a new chapter.

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