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機場捷運公共藝術作品系列報導(四)三重站(A2)- 夢想與回憶的輸送帶 TIAA MRT Public Art Series Report (4) Sanchong Station - "Conveyer Belt of Dreams and Memories"


Among the 9 public art pieces distributed in 8 stations, in this month's Newsletter, we are going to introduce "Conveyer Belt of Dreams and Memories" in Sanchong Station.
A station is every traveler's intersection where it holds ample emotions and life experiences waiting for the arrival of the train to the next stop of the journey. The artwork regards the platform and tracks as a conveyer belt carrying valuable life stories. The mechanical room is transformed intoa gigantic classic antique luggage containing the traces and memories of city travel. Looking at the railways, platform and public art as a whole, the station will connect the city and traveler’s emotions and act as a time capsule to collect memories and dreams.
The artist of "Conveyer Belt of Dreams and Memories", Mr. Ya-Lun Tao, created the piece using concepts of "time in travel" and "space in sensibility" to penetrate through past, now and future. Through the public artwork, the artist’s goal is to bring warmth and artistic touches into the originally cold and rigid impression of the mechanical room in hope of sending out the message of "embracing memories and gaze at the brighter future" to passengers. Packed with dreams and memories, the luggage transports stories of time through cities and leaves traveling traces on the map, accompanying the travelers to the beautiful, faraway land.

  • 夢想與回憶的輸送帶。
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