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103年度機場捷運延伸線環保優良廠商頒獎報導 Awarding to 2014 Outstanding Environmental Contractors of TIAA MRT Extension Line


With the rise of environmental awareness in recent years, environmental protection and energy saving issues have gained significance in governmental policies. Due to supervising responsibility that BOHSR carries regarding the “TIAA MRT System Zhongli Train Station Extension Construction Project CM01 Section Tender”, BOHSR has been constantly implementing environmental evaluations and protection projects periodically throughout the construction period to carry out minimum construc-tion impact to the surrounding environ-ment.
According to the 2014 Environmental Evaluation Plan of the CM01 Section Tender, BOHSR has implemented the evaluation accurately which showed that the consultant, CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc., Taiwan, and the constructor, Continental Engineering Corp., have done an extraordinary environmental job. The contractors have regularly maintained the cleanliness of surrounding environment such as cleaning arcades and gas stations near A22 Station. In addition, they helped the Chief of Village with traffic dispersion and no-parking area allocation. Furthermore, the contractor took the initiative of conducting satisfactory surveys covering the neighborhood and kept abreast of the opinion of local residents.
Both evaluated companies were excellent in their environmental work and was elected to be the Outstanding Environmental Constructors in the 2014 evaluation. On Apr. 15, 2015, Director General Hsiang-Lin Hu of BOHSR gave out the award to both companies and expressed special thanks to all the staff that were part of the project. Additionally, he indicated that only with perseverance will the public be affected with their determination and actions towards environmental protection.

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