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104年台南水雉生態教育園區志工培訓 2015 Volunteer Training for the Tainan Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park


The work and duties in Tainan Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park is mainly implemented by a task force formed by members from the Forestry Bureau, Tainan City Government, BOHSR and THSRC. Currently, the authorities have authorized Wild Bird Society of Tainan to be in charge of operation and management of the Park. There are only 5 specialized staffs responsible for Park duties which resulted in constant lack of manpower. Since the initiation of habitat creation in 1999, volunteer recruitment has been conducted periodically to assist in the environmental work. After official opening of the park in 2007 and commencement of environmental education trainings in 2011, more and more volunteers are needed to assist in promoting activities, tour guidance, habitat restoration and emergency rescues. By recruiting volunteers, the staff can carry out the importance of jacana preservation through volunteer activities. Then, the staff and volunteers can pass on these concepts through tours and education trainings to the public ultimately creating an outdoor park that achieves "restoration of jacana habitat", "preservation of peasant-tailed jacana population’ and "promotion of environmental education". To achieve this target, the park has listed volunteer trainings as a highlight in its annual plans since 2011 and the first session of volunteer training each year has been set in April during the initiation of peasant-tailed jacana's breading season.
In 2015, the four-day volunteer training was held on April 11, 12, 17 and 18. In the training Ms. Tsai-Chou Chiu, Director of the documentary, "Roosting and Breeding of the Pheasant-tailed Jacanas", was invited to share how she was touched by a group of selfless volunteers immersed in jacana restoration that brought her on the road of filming this documentary. Her goal was to transform the memorable moments into film for more people to witness the beautiful jacanas in Guantien, Tainan. On the other hand, Professor Yi-Jui Hsu from Department of Ecology and Tourism Management, Aletheia University and Kaohsiung Branch Division Director, Ms. Yun-Hsuan Chiu, from The Society of Wilderness both presented splendid lectures sharing their experiences in environmental protection. On the last and most exciting day of the training, each trainee has to first pass the written examination then present as a docent in front of evaluation members to be rewarded with the Certificate of Achievement.
In this year's training, there were 25 trainees in the four-day training and 14 trainees were elected to be future volunteers of the Pheasant-tailed Jacana Eco-Educational Nature Park. Among the 14 elected volunteers, the youngest was Lan-Hsiu Yu, a 11 year-old student currently studying in Dagang Elementary School, who followed her parents' steps of becoming a guardian of the jacana park. All the volunteers in the park have devoted themselves to the restoration work just to see that the animals can roost and breed in a more eco-friendly habitat.
Over the years, BOHSR have actively participated in jacana preservation and environmental educations. Moreover, BOHSR has sent representatives each year to help with the volunteer training. This year, Section Chief of the Sixth Division, Mr. Yu-Chun Chen, represented BOHSR to express gratitude to participants and encouraged all to continue with "restoration", "preservation" and "education" for the park to thrive. The training came to a successful end at 5:30pm on April 18th.

  • 本局陳科長代表園區頒發志工培訓證書給年紀最小的游嵐琇同學。
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