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交通部陳部長建宇陪同立法院交通委員會委員視察高鐵彰化站 Minister of MOTC, Mr. Chien-Yu Chen, Accompanied Legislators of Transportation Committee on Inspection Tour at HSR Changhua Station


In the morning of May 20, 2015, Minister of MOTC, Mr. Chien-Yu Chen, accompanied the Legislators of Transportation Committee to inspect transport infrastructures in Changhua area which included the construction status of HSR Changhua Station. Participants in this inspection included the Changhua County Magistrate, Mr. Ming-Gu Wei, Legislator Ms. Su-Yui Chen, County Councilor, Mr. Su-Wei Hsu, BOSHR representatives Chief Engineer Wei-Li Chung and associates from the First Division, Fourth Division and Secretariat.
THSRC welcomed the inspection party at Changhua Station with COO, Mr. Chang Chen, leading Vice President Deng-Tzu Chu, Assistant Vice President Wei-Dung Lu and other senior managers. The guests were first briefed by Chief of the station, Mr. Bo-Jung Huang, on the current construction status of HSR Changhua Station.
The construction of this station project has started since Jan. 9, 2013 and is currently supervised by THSRC. The main station structure has already been completed and its E&M, outdoor constructions, architectural decorations and core power system installation are all under efficient construction. Up until May 15, 2015, construction progress has reached 95.28% and is estimated to finish in end of July 2015. The conduction of construction completion evaluation by BOHSR is already scheduled to take place in August 2015 and the subsequent testing and inspection procedures scheduled in September. Lastly, final operation of HSR Changhua Station is planned to start in December this year.
After the inspection tour, Minister Chen gave a brief speech indicating that MOTC will continue to supervise THSRC to deliver the operational goal under "Risk-free and Quality-first" conditions and that the opening of Changhua Station will mean a great deal to the local district. Additionally, Minister Chen advised THSRC to provide a free shuttle bus line and also advised the Changhua County Government and Directorate General of Highways to deliberate over bus transfer routes passing HSR Changhua Station for convenient traveling of future HSR passengers.

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