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機場捷運地下車站隧道風機系統保證辦理情形 Implementation of the System Assurance of Tunnel Ventilation System in TIAA MRT Underground Stations


The "System Assurance of Tunnel Ventilation System in TIAA MRT Underground Stations" factors include reliability and maintainability. The reliability factor refers to the functional verification during accident signals (eg. traffic jam, fire alarm) traveling to the OCC which generates instructions to the building management system (BMS) in respective stations to turn on ventilating machines. On the other hand, maintainability focuses on the functional verification of life-sustaining equipment malfunctions such as fire pumps and smoke ventilators. Both factors are necessary in the system to achieve the goal of protecting the lives and properties of passengers.
Implementation of the System Assurance process of the ventilation system is briefed as follows:
1.Up until March 2015, System Assurance of underground tunnel ventilation systems has been completed for A7 Station, traction power substations A12 to A14a and A21 Station.
2.Prior to executing the System Assurance process, first, the constructor needs to coordinate with Taoyuan Metro Corporation and respective system contractors such as central monitoring system and building management contractors. Next, the civil engineering contractor will submit the system verification execution plan to the supervising unit and then the on-site process will take place.
3.During the on-site process, the OCC has to first acquire approval to start the execution according to the originally proposed time and testing contents. Then, after confirming that the OCC and BMS connections are normal, ventilation machines are tested to ensure their functionality during normal operation.
4.During the System Assurance process, civil engineering contractors need to send representatives on-site to record operational data of the ventilation machines and environmental control electronic devices.
5.The verification standards of reliability and maintainability of this System Assurance process are elaborated as follows pic 1.
System graphic of the tunnel ventilation system in A12 Station (CU02 Tender)follows pic 2.

  • 圖一:機場隧道段風機系統保證之可靠度及可維護驗證標準
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